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Fumigaciones Ibiza

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Disinfection, fumigation and rodent control in Ibiza

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about us

We are proud of our professional technicians and of the quality of our work managing pest and we know that the treatments  that we apply will bring you calm and protection against uninvited guests.

We are experts in pest control, disinfection, rodent control, fumigation, legionella treatments, chlorination systems, cisterns, osmosis and decalcification.

We provide advanced solutions in pest control to guarantee that your business and your home are pest-free.

Our team’s training, experience and attitude are the foundation of our success. This, alongside with a close and personalized service have helped us become a reference in pest control in Ibiza.

Our team has applied hundreds of different pest control systems. This experience, which translates to eficacy, is one of the aspects our clients value the most.

We respect the environment and that is the reason why we always try to apply new techniques that are less harmful for people and the environment.

If you need help with your pest problems and want to know how to end them, do not wait anymore. Call us today to protect your home or business.

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Burgos, 2 07829 Ibiza Sant Josep de Sa Talaia Baleares
Burgos, 2 07829 Ibiza Sant Josep de Sa Talaia Baleares
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